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2019.12.11. szerda
Árpád napja.

MÉDIA PARK – WM Music Distribution

Complete Solutions to Reach the Hungarian Digital and Mobile Music Market!

Média Park is a full digital and mobile music service. 100 % privately owned, headquartered in Budapest, we are the current Leader on the Hungarian digital and mobile music market. Our company operates in Hungary with a strong aim to open and develop new markets in Central and Eastern Europe with digital and mobile music.

Média Park mainly gives solutions as a technology provider, however, with its strategic content aggregator, provider and licensing partner, WM Music Distribution, we could offer a complete service to various loyalty programs related to music, to online music stores, mobile companies, and to social media services. Moreover, to independent labels and artists, to international content aggregators and providers with opening the Hungarian digital and mobile music market in order to monetize creative artist`s intellectual properties.